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SUBMAR UltraLok Interlocking Blocks

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Product Description

SUBMAR UltraLok Interlocking Blocks are designed for maximum erosion control while promoting vegetative growth. They provide for easy, economical installation in areas prohibitive of heavy equipment due to confined situations or areas that are hard to reach. UltraLok blocks are manually installed over a filter fabric which allows for proper drainage and vegetation adding lasting benefits to property.

UltraLok blocks can be installed in stages as a project progresses or as a budget allows. They are an excellent solution against erosion in light to moderate water flow as well as open channel conditions. UltraLok interlocking blocks come in varying heights to accommodate multiple types of erosion problems. The end result will be a synergy of hard-armor strength and performance with nature’s fragile development into a self-mitigating green site. Submar Synergy happens when our products compliment nature.

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Ultralock Dimentions

4030Open4.001.15 SF/Unit34-38 lbs20% Open Area40% Open Area
4035Closed4.001.15 SF/Unit42-461 lbs10% Open Area20% Open Area
6050Open6.001.15 SF/Unit52-56 lbs20% Open Area40% Open Area
6055Closed6.001.15 SF/Unit60-64 lbs10% Open Area20% Open Area