Company History

Florida Silica Sand Company had its humble beginnings in Opa Locka (North Miami), FL in 1948. Founded by George A. Pegram, a painter by trade, the company initially started just to fulfill the owner’s need for silica sand. The original sand mine in Opa Locka developed its reputation throughout Florida for producing quality silica sand products for the construction industry.

As our customers continued to grow their businesses and accumulate more product needs, our product line has also grown to accommodate them over the years. Today, we have grown separate divisions to carry a full line of Hardscape products including brick, pavers, stone, and retaining walls; Sand and Athletic field, including a large selection of sand, clay, lime rock and field marking products. Our Abrasive Finishing category is one of the largest in the industry covering abrasives, equipment, replacement parts, and service.

To better service all of Florida, additional branch locations were opened, first in Dania Beach and Miami, up the coast to Riviera Beach and over to the West Coast in Plant City. Recently, our corporate offices relocated to Fort Lauderdale. Starting with only a handful of employees, we now employ close to 50 hardworking individuals that continue to add to our successful growth trend.

Florida Silica Sand Company has played a large role and influence in numerous land development projects throughout Florida. From the Orange Bowl in Miami to Las Olas Boulevard in Fort Lauderdale to the International Mall in Tampa, our products can be found in a limitless amount of industrial, municipal, commercial, and residential projects.

Throughout our history the philosophy has remained the same, “Satisfy our Customers’ needs.” In doing this we continue to look for better ways to enhance the business of our clients, whether it requires expanding service offerings or increasing our product line, Florida Silica Sand Company will do what it takes.