160 Cuft Big Clem Bulk Blast Machine

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160 Cuft Big Clem Bulk Blast Machine

Clemco Bulk Blast Machines are supersized versions of our Classic Blast Machine. We call them Big Clems and manufacture them in three sizes: 60 cuft, 120 cuft, and 160 cuft. These machines handle large amounts of abrasive loaded at one time—and less time refilling means more time blasting. All Big Clems are equipped with two operator stations, and the 120 cuft and 160 cuft models can accommodate three or four stations. Each operator station is fitted with a pressure-hold remote control, which enables operators to independently start and stop. In addition, Big Clems can be built as stationary, yard towable, or highway towable.


  • Holds 160 cuft of blast media
  • 16,000 lbs of expendable-mineral abrasive

Operator Stations

  • Two operator stations
  • Optional three or four stations


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