Aerolyte Dry Strip Rooms

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Aerolyte Dry Strip Rooms

AEROLYTE pioneered dry stripping, a process that removes coatings from delicate substrates by blasting with lightweight media like plastic, wheat starch, and baking soda.

AEROLYTE Systems has continuously evolved dry stripping technology and techniques. From portable pressure vessels to closed – circuit stripping heads to hangar sized facilities for stripping aircraft. AEROLYTE offers a broad range of standard and custom-engieneered equipment.

Dry stripping with lightweight media removes coatings without pitting or warping the underlaying surface. Dry stripping saves time and money, by eliminating the costs to purchase, handle and dispose of caustic chemicals.

Large Aerolyte facilities function similar to large blast room facilities with equipment configured for use with all non-aggressive lightweight blast media. Continuous ventilation, material handling equipment from rails to overhead lifts; large entry doors, and sealed lighting make Aerolyte Systems installations economically viable and environmentally safe.



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