Auto Quantum (AQV) and Manual Quantum (MQV) Abrasive Metering Valves

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Auto Quantum (AQV) and Manual Quantum (MQV) Abrasive Metering Valves

Designed for 2-cuft and Larger Machines

Clemco metering valves are the tried-and-true workhorses of the abrasive blasting industry. Clemco’s designs are widely imitated, especially the designs for its AQV and MQV valves.

Meters All Common Blast Media

  • From coarse steel grit to slag to glass bead.
  • This flexibility reduces downtime between jobs that require different blast media.
  • Just empty the blast machine, pour in the new media, and start blasting—regardless of the application.

Abrasive Flows at 45° into Air Stream

  • The natural way to uniformly mix air and abrasive.
  • Eliminates premature wear found in 90° systems.

Easy to Operate and Maintain

  • Metering plate, which receives most of the wear, can be replaced in the field in minutes with standard tools.
  • Actuator has a built-in fail-to-safe feature that stops the flow of abrasive if the signal from the remote control handle is interrupted.
  • Metering and valve actuation are separate functions. The simple metering section usually all that’s needed for pressure-release applications.

Rugged and Durable

  • All parts normally exposed to abrasive flow made from durable, wear-resistant material.
  • Hardened-steel metering plate precisely controls flow of abrasive, and its adjustment knob stands up to real world use and abuse.

Remote Controls: Pressure Release or Pressure Hold

  • Automatic (AQV)
    Offered as pressure hold or as pressure release, and each available with an abrasive cutoff system (ACS).
  • Manual (MQV)
    Offered as pressure release.


Quantum Valves and Millennium Remote Controls operate at the same pressures and share common air fittings­—nothing to adapt, no bushings to reduce, no orifice fittings to mismatch.

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