Blast Hose Safety Cable

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Blast Hose Safety Cable

Clemco Blast Hose Safety Cable

Clemco blast hose safety cables are used at all coupled connections on the blast hose. The cables support the weight of the blast hose to keep it from pulling the couplings apart or pulling the hose out of the coupling. The cables also help keep the blast hose from whipping about in the event of a coupling failure.

Safety cables should also be used with compressed-air hose connections.

Description of Operation
Attach blast hose safety cables at all coupled connections. Before connecting the couplings, pull back the spring-loadedloop. Loop the two ends of the safety cable around the hoses only — not the remote control lines.

Connect the hose coupling and slide the ends of the safety cable back until the cable is straight and the hose is slightly bent. Safety cables relieve the couplings of the weight of the hose.


  • Helps prevent death, injury, or property damage in the event of coupling failure
  • Supports blast hose when run vertically or across horizontal spans
  • Prolongs life of hose by keeping coupling screws from tearing outer casing
  • Installs quickly without tools at all air and blast hose connections — including those between the hose and blast machine
  • Prevents hose from whipping in event of coupling failure


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