CDF Dust Collectors

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CDF Dust Collectors

CDF Dust Collectors

The Clemco CDF dust collector is high-performance equipment designed and built for continuous operation and exclusively for blast applications.

The CDF is an efficient reverse-pulse style collector used to provide ventilation for all sizes of industrial blast facilities. Units are of simple, modular design and are easy to install, operate, and maintain.

CDF dust collectors ventilate blast room enclosures, providing room air changes for visibility and engineered solutions for controlling respiratory protection exposure limits to dust. Depending upon the application and the blast media used, blasting generates varying degrees of dust. When sized appropriately for the enclosure, for the friability of the abrasive, and for the application, visibility is assured. With maximum visibility, the blast operator can work safely and productively and achieve critical labor efficiency.

Rugged Construction
Modular design and sturdy construction: 3/16-inch and 10-gauge hot rolled steel, formed and reinforced to maintain structural integrity of 25 inches w.g. Flanged inlets and outlets ease ducting connections.

Simple To Install
CDF units operate on electricity and compressed air. Amperage and air usage depend upon the dust collector and exhauster size. Controls can be configured to operate on any specified electrical service.

Directing exhaust air back into your building reduces heating and cooling costs. Optional HEPA filters virtually eliminate microscopic dust emissions.

Easy to Operate
The most important functions of the CDF dust collector are to collect dust and to control the velocity of air movement through the room. The CDF, fitted with an exhauster motor properly sized for the blast room, draws air through the room, ducting, and high-efficiency cartridges, and vents clean air. Dust collects on the exterior surface of the cartridge and a reverse flow of air releases dust from the cartridge. Keeping the CDF operating at peak efficiency is as easy as monitoring two key gauges. A pressure regulator gauge indicates the pulse pressure set by the pressure regulator. A differential pressure gauge shows the pressure difference between the dirty and clean sides of the filters for determining the proper pulse pressure setting and the pulse ‘off’ time.

A Breeze to Maintain
Filter cartridges are easily accessible from the side, and can be changed in minutes. When properly seasoned upon installation, cartridges offer a long service life with regular monitoring and simple, occasional adjustment.

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