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The GCB Series provides the most economical, high speed finishing available. GCB machines operate on the “ferris wheel” principal with a 1 : 1 ratio of barrel rotation to turret rotation. Four barrels are mounted at the periphery of a large turret. Each barrel is loaded to approximately 50-80% full with media, parts and water.

During operation, rotation of the large turret creates a centrifugal force on the media and parts inside each barrel. This force compacts the load into a tight mass causing the media and parts to slide against each other, removing burrs and creating superior finishes. This action also reduces the cycle time needed to complete the finishing of the parts by up to a factor of 30 over conventional vibratory and barrel tumbling. Hand finishing operations can now be efficiently and economically automated with the GCB series machines. Results with this centrifugal barrel finishing equipment are consistent and predictable, every time.



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