CMS-1 & CMS-2 Carbon Monoxide Alarms

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CMS-1 & CMS-2 Carbon Monoxide Alarms

Clemco CMS-1 & CMS-2 Carbon Monoxide Alarms

The CMS monitor detects carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons in a compressed air supply and triggers visual and audible alarms when CO is detected in concentrations of 10 parts per million.

CMS-1 is wall-mountable;

CMS-2 is field portable with integral rugged carrying case.

NOTE: CMS monitors do not remove CO or convert CO to CO2.

Technical Data Sheet

CMS-1 and CMS-2 Carbon Monoxide Monitors-Alarms

 Parts List and Operation Manual

CMS-1 Carbon Monoxide Monitor

CMS-2 Carbon Monoxide Monitor



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