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Clemco Educt-O-Matic

Clemco’s closed-circuit suction blast tool for spot cleaning, removing weld spatter, and deburring cut metal edges. The hand-portable Educt-OMatic goes anywhere and operates on just 90 cfm of air at 90 psi. The operator controls blasting and recovery with a trigger handle. Pulling the trigger just slightly starts the vacuum recovery. Pulling the trigger all the way starts the suction blast system.

The compact conical hopper contains the abrasive and meters it into the blast system. Air rushing through the Educt-OMatic’s mixing chamber draws the abrasive into the airstream and propels it out the nozzle. The blast head swivels to allow blasting at any angle and the rubber boot traps the dust and abrasive. The vacuum captures the reusable abrasive particles and sends the dust and broken abrasive to the dust bag.

Special attachments let you blast inside and outside corners, and on rough surfaces.

Educt-O-Matic Attachments:
• Flat Lip Attachment
• Serrated Attachment
• Edge Attachment
• Angle Attachment
• Master Adaptor


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