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One Valve Has You Covered


You don’t need to stockpile spares or a collection of valves for different media. The GritWizard is your go-to valve for all common media types and applications—out-of-the-box without modifications, for industrial and contractor jobs.


The GritWizard’s optimal media flow ensures a consistent surface finish while maximizing productivity. You also can adjust media flow while the valve is actuated, so you don’t waste time and media.

Simplicity and Durability

The GritWizard is simple to maintain and repair, with 60% fewer wear parts, and its durable enough to last 12 times longer, so you stay in the field and out of the shop.

You Don’t Need Magic

You don’t need to be a wizard to perform blasting magic. You only need the GritWizard. Your job just got easier—if you’ve got a GritWizard.

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