Model 1.5AB, Air Blast Tumbler System

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Model 1.5AB, Air Blast Tumbler System

Gibson Tumble Blasters process multiple parts, ranging in size from small to medium, with a level of speed and efficiency unmatched by other types of equipment in a comparable price range.

Gibson produces Tumble Blasters in ten standard models with load capacities ranging up to 3,000 pounds or 24 cubic feet. Our smaller units, available with either wheel or air-blast systems handle a broad spectrum of media and fit profitably into cell stations and other operations compatible with batch processing.

These rugged machines automate cleaning, peening, deburring, profiling, finishing and many other surface-conditioning tasks on a vast range of parts.

Plus they are simple to operate. The operator loads parts onto a rugged perforated belt, closes the loading door, sets the timer and pushes the start button. By tumbling parts within the blast envelope, these machines deliver consistent results automatically whether working intermittently or non-stop in amulti-shift production facility.

Work Load Capacity   1.5 ft³200 lb
Media Charge Capacity (Alox)   150 lb
Tumble Blaster Height, Cabinet Only   97 in
Tumble Blaster Width, Cabinet Only   50 in
Tumble Blaster Depth, Cabinet Only   60 in
Dust Collector Height   83 in
Dust Collector Width   40 in
Dust Collector Depth   26 in


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