Model 24×48 SH, Spinner Hanger Blast System

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Model 24×48 SH, Spinner Hanger Blast System

Gibson Spinner Hangers provide an ideal solution for batch blasting many types of parts too fragile or awkward for other methods of automated finishing. These systems play a profit-boosting role across a broad range of metal-intensive industries by improving quality and efficiency during the cleaning, peening, prepping and finishing of almost any workpiece suitable for mounting on hooks.

Our systems include two work chambers mounted on an indexing turntable. As the turntable steps through programmed positions, one chamber exposes parts to a contained blast stream emanating from high-efficiency wheels while the other opens to the operator, who loads and unloads parts from the un-contained chamber. To assure uniform coverage, a spindle rotates the hangers within the working chamber’s blast envelope.

Like all Gibson systems, our Spinner Hangers are easy to operate and install. Plus, they deliver consistent results whether working intermittently or non-stop in a multishift production facility.

PLC programming assures repeatable performance cycle after cycle, and cast liners on work-chamber walls extend equipment life. Hanger capacities from 125 to 2,000 pounds fit most applications.

Hook Load Capacity    1,500 lb
Maximum Blast Envelope Capacity    24 in Dia. x 36 in
Optimal Blast Envelope Capacity    24 in Dia. x 24 in
Media Charge Capacity (Steel)    2000 lb
Blast Chambers    Two
Direct-Drive Blast Wheel    Two, 7.5 hp
Spinner Hanger Height, Cabinet Only    149 in
Spinner Hanger Width, Cabinet Only    96 in
Spinner Hanger Depth, Cabinet Only    79 in
Dust Collector Height    127 in
Dust Collector Width    50 in
Dust Collector Depth    36 in

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