Model 36″ Table, Table Blast System

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Model 36″ Table, Table Blast System

Gibson Table Blasters process parts weighing up to 10,000 pounds with diameters up to eight feet and heights exceeding four. Featuring eleven standard models, Gibson’s line of Table Blasters provides the versatility and flexibility to efficiently blast parts ranging from ten-pound gears to heavy fabrications.

These rugged machines facilitate cleaning, peening, deburring, profiling, finishing and many other surface conditioning tasks in metal-intensive industries involving casting, welding and fabrication.

For processing, parts are loaded onto a powered turntable which rotates within the blast envelope to provide 360º exposure to the blast stream. Models with an oscillating blast wheel, such as our 36″ Power Table, enhance blast coverage. And features like the swing door on our Table Blasters expedite loading and unloading by enabling the operator to swing the system’s door-mounted turntable in and out of the blast enclosure.

All models feature abrasion-resistant liners on turntables for extended service life. Models used with heavy parts are designed for overhead loading and unloading with either a hoist or crane.

Work Load Capacity   1,000 lb
Maximum Blast Envelope Capacity   36 in Dia. x 19 in
Optimal Blast Envelope Capacity   24 in Dia. x 12 in
Media Charge Capacity (Steel)   300 lb
Table Blaster Height, Cabinet Only   122 in
Table Blaster Width, Cabinet Only   69 in
Table Blaster Depth, Cabinet Only   64 in
Dust Collector Height   83 in
Dust Collector Width   40 in
Dust Collector Depth   26 in


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