Power Gun H2O: Portable Suction Wetblast Tool

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Power Gun H2O: Portable Suction Wetblast Tool

Lightweight and compact, wet or dry blast, easy to operate. The Power Gun H2O is the ideal wetblast option when a traditional wetblast machine would be too large, inconvenient to set up, or outside a job’s budget.

Whether you are a contractor, do-it-yourselfer, or full-time blast operator, you’ll appreciate the Power Gun H2O’s lightweight and compact design and that it has nearly the power of a small pressure-blast system, which makes it ideal for wetblasting:

  • In small or confined spaces.
  • In elevated work areas.
  • In difficult to reach places.
  • On board ships.
  • With a limited air supply.
  • In situations that require quick setup and breakdown.



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