PRI Series

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PRI Series

The Performance Racing Industry, Giant Tub vibratory deburring equipment is significantly different than the average GT style deburring machine. The size, shape, style and design are specifically for fine finishing automotive parts by using less amplitude and a higher speed. For example polishing headers or manifolds for a great metal shine. Exhaust tips, rear-end gears, intakes, mass-airflow sensors, throttle bodies and more – the automotive finishing possibilities are endless! This vibratory finishing machine is re-designed to supply a higher speed with a lower amplitude to achieve that lustrous cosmetic finish.

The addition of a variable speed drive and a premixing auto compound system make the Giant PRI series the standard vibratory finishing equipment for polishing automotive parts around. We manufacture these heavy duty deburring machines for much of the racing industry, performance racing shops, Nascar and many others all across the United States.



  • Balanced suspension drive
  • Variable speed drive
  • 90 Durometer polyurethane lining
  • Flo-thru piping and liquid drain
  • Ideal working height – Low Profile
  • Coil spring suspension

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