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Equipment Features
-ASME Coded pressure vessel with easy access clean out port, automatic sealing plunger, and pneumatic vibrator
-3/4” Piping and heavy duty mixing valve
-30 – 120 PSI pressure range
-Abrasive capacity – 100 Lbs standard
-Ruggedly built of 14 gauge welded steel
-Double floor – 1/8” expandex steel plus carbon screen
-Fluorescent lighting to eliminate shadows and minimize energy usage
-Large 12”x24” safety glass window for excellent visibility and increased  operator efficiency
-Easy change window frame – Merely loosen a few wing nuts

Airline water filter
Pressure regulator and gauge
Neoprene blast gloves
Trinco Safety enclosed foot pedal
Trinco ½” ID heavy duty blast hose
Trinco Tungsten carbide nozzle
Trinco ¼” ID nozzle standard, 1/8”, 3/16” and 5/16” optional

Specifications: Dust Collector
· Trinco Pull through type dust collector with motor and impeller on “clean air side
· 14 Ga. Welded steel
· Full-size access door
· 12 Tubular bags
· Removable dust drawer
· Exhaust muffler
· Adjustable damper
· 800 CFM, 1HP, 110 Volt motor

Depth 30”
Width 36”
Height 23”

Depth 35”
Width 41”
Height 68”

Door Openings:
Side Door (2) 14”x20”
Lid Opening 36” x 13”

Floor Space Incl.
Dust Collector 41” x 67

Shipping Weight
Approx. 850 Lbs.

Please specify type and size of media when ordering. This unit is designed to handle most standard media

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