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This vibratory finishing machine has a spiral bottom design that allows for part separation, manual or automatic.

Spiral bottom machines feature 100% separation of parts and media with specially designed cast urethane screens. We custom make these screens based on your parts sizes and media chosen for your process. We have made it possible to fully automate the entire finishing process after the loading of parts, the machine will start, process, then unload your parts.

Different finishes are acquired not only through the correct compound and media selection, but also fine tuning of the drive electronically. Do not overlook this standard feature if you process a variety of parts and desire different finishes for each one.


  • Variable speed drive
  • Capacity 3 to 40 Cubic Feet
  • Heavy duty bowl & base weldment
  • Removable cast polyurethane drain plug
  • J.I.C control panel
  • Polyurethane lining
  • Tuned Coil spring suspension
  • Drop – on weight segments
  • Removable cast urethane screen
  • Adjustable amplitude flywheel
  • Media discharge door
  • Parts discharge ramp


  • PLC Controls
  • Auto pre-mixing compound system
  • Auto Lubrication System
  • Air Dam
  • Sound Cover
  • Automatic Gate Cleaning
  • High/Low PH Package
  • Wrap Around Settling Tank

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