Vibratory Cob Dryer

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Vibratory Cob Dryer

Giant Finishing Corn Cob Dryers are the most efficient way to dry your parts as the heated corn cob actually wipes each and every part dry which will eliminate all water spots or left over residue from a previous vibratory finishing process.This Giant Finishing vibratory equipment is a cob dryer that provides a compact, economical and rapid method of drying wet parts.The corn cob is heated by multi-pass hot liquid jackets which are built into the machine. The corn cob and parts tumble by the hot liquid jackets to absorb heat. Hot liquid is recirculated by a pump which is located in an insulated tank with a heater and thermostat. The tank has a low level switch for pump and heater protection.These machines are designed to work with a wide range of  vibratory finishing machine . They can also be used in conjunction with other forms of continuous feed equipment or used to receive products from bins or hoppers.
Standard Features

  • Heavy Duty Bowl and Base
  • Precision Drive System
  • Nema-12 Control Panel
  • Efficiency Motors
  • Drop-On Weight Segments
  • Turned Coil Spring Tub Suspension
  • Removable Screen
  • Adjustable Amplitude Flywheel Angle
  • Parts Load Chute
  • Heat-Insulated Hot Water Tank w/ 3/4 HP Pump and low level shut off
  • Discharge Gate

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