Wedge Series

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Wedge Series

Giant Finishing’s Wedge series is our most economical line of portable vibratory finishing machines.

This Wedge 5 is on heavy industrial wheels for exclusive portability and on demand in-house vibratory tumbling, polishing or deburring. The Wedge series are designed for job shops and other companies looking to eliminate their out-source metal parts finishing or desire the capability to run their own deburring equipment, roll it, plug it in and flip the switch, That simple!

We take pride in our equipment being built in America and all of our vibratory finishing machines will provide you with the best surface enhancement for your parts. Giant Finishing can help you choose the right vibratory equipment, tumbling media and chemical compounds you can finish the part professionally, efficiently and on a consistent basis. Finishing, deburring or polishing metal surfaces is done best with a Giant machine.

Let Giant Finishing help you create the correct recipe for finishing your parts. Our elite team of metal finishing experts can help you pick the correct size, shape, and composition of media to work with the correct chemistry to create a recipe specifically designed for your parts.

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