Wetblast FLEX

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Wetblast FLEX

All-in-one wetblasting system includes 6 cubic- foot-capacity blast machine, 120-gallon water storage tank, and pump module mounted on a portable framed platform. The FLEXTM is a portable blast system engineered to provide high-performance blasting with maximum dust suppression. The Wetblast FLEX is packed with features:

  • Set-up—a single air connection controls all pneumatic functions.
  • Water and abrasive mix outside the blast machine.
  • Rugged, portable skid-mounted system with fork pockets and lifting eyes.
  • Water-to-abrasvie ratio control either at the machine or at the nozzle.
  • Control media on and off with abrasive cut-off system.
  • Connect to water—from the tank or municipal supply.
  • Choice of controls at the nozzle or at the blast machine.
  • Dry blast at your opinion when application calls for it.





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