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In 1948, responding to a shortage of sand for the construction industry, mostly for stucco, George Pegram established Florida Silica Sand Company (FSS) and opened a sand mine in Opa Locka, FL. For the next 75+ years FSS has been responding to the needs of industry, always with the purpose of making it easy for […]

In the early fifties, we saw a need for dry-graded sand. We developed a source for this material from central Florida and this led us into supplying sand for Abrasive Blasting and Water Filtration. As we started to serve the Abrasive Finishing Industry, we saw a need for other abrasive finishing media, such as Glass […]

In the 1970’s, Chattahoochee gravel decks and patios, made with River Gravel installed with epoxy, were becoming popular and we were right there with a ready stock of gravel, making the purchasing and delivering processes quick and simple for the installers.

In the mid-1980’s we saw that deck installers were transitioning from Chattahoochee gravel decks to brick tile decks. In order to continue to service these installers, in 1985, we added brick tile to our product line. The vendor also manufactured a full line of brick which easily led FSS into selling brick for construction. In […]

Over the years, as we added products and services. We acquired and sold various properties, including our gravel bagging operation. We always worked toward making it easy for our customers, around the state of Florida, to acquire our products. Today, we have three stocking yards (Miami, Riviera Beach, and Plant City), and a showroom at […]