Wetblast Injector System

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Wetblast Injector System


The Wetblast Injector

Economical kit that adds wet-blasting capability to most conventional dry-blast machines.

  • Mixes water and abrasive at the nozzle for maximum operator control.
  • Dramatically reduces job-site dust.
  • Eliminates need for costly containment.
  • Allows surface rinsing and drying.
  • For blast machines, 2 CF and larger.
  • For one or two operators

The Wetblast Injector Kit comes in single- and dual-operator models. The single-operator kit comes with pump assembly, a 50-ft water hose, and nozzle adaptor assembly. The dual-operator kit includes one additional 50-ft length of water hose and nozzle adaptor assembly. These systems can be used with any 2 CF or larger blast machine. The pump and our exclusive injector work together to combine air, abrasive, and water outside of the blast machine for a powerful, dust-controlled blast stream.

The Clemco Wetblast Injector Pump Assembly is easy to set up. With your existing blast machine, install the injector assembly at the nozzle, fill the blast machine with dry abrasive and connect air and water. Abrasive flow volume is adjusted at the metering valve and water injection is controlled at the nozzle for blasting, and when an optional abrasive cut-off system is installed, for rinsing, and drying the surface.

Includes: Nozzle injector assembly, water hose, air-operated, positive-displacement, self-priming, 10:1 pump, which consumes 28 cfm at 100 psi. Water consumption is needle-valve controlled — 0.25 gpm at 60 psi during blasting. Water consumption may be slightly higher or lower based on variables such as nozzle size, blast pressure, condition of surface, material being removed by blasting, and friability of the abrasive. During blasting, water flow can be adjusted to use just enough to control the dust; for wash-down, water flow can be adjusted to a maximum flow of 2.8 gpm. Fittings: ½” air inlet, ¾” water inlet, ½” teed to two ¼” main water outlet connections; ¼” individual water outlet. Water hose: 3/8” ID x 50 ft, rated 1000 psi.



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