Abrasive Blast Rooms

Predesigned PDQ Blast Rooms

Predesigned PDQ Blast Rooms are less expensive than custom-engineered blast rooms, arrive quickly, and are constructed with the same durable materials and performance-enhancing components as used in custom-engineered blast rooms.

Standard Features and Components

Following are some of the standard features and components of PDQ Predesigned Blast Rooms:

  • Either a pneumatic or mechanical partial-floor recovery system.
  • 10ga galvanized-steel wall panels
  • Side panel with sweep-in cutout
  • Side panel with mandoor
  • Work door on one or both ends
  • High-output fluorescent light fixtures with bulbs
    • Each 3.25 ft extension kit includes one light fixture with bulbs
  • Reverse-pulse dust collection systems
  • Media storage hopper that mounts above the blast machine
  • Optional equipment and fixtures available

Enclosure Sizes

Clemco designs the rooms in five standard configurations:

Length Width Height
10’ 10’ 8’
10’ 10’ 10’
10’ 10’ 12’
16’ 8” 12’ 10’
16’ 8” 12’ 12’

Note: Room lengths can be extended in 3.25 ft increments with extension kits.

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Preassembled Blast Rooms

As the name says, these blast rooms arrive at your site ready to install. Connect the components and add power and air. Because the room must ship via truck, room dimensions are limited to 14 feet by 7 feet by 8 feet tall. The room includes full area recovery – pneumatic or mechanical – as well as lights, control panel, one full-width, full-height door, and a separate personnel door. You can select the blast machine package (one or more operators), dust collection (recovery only or full room), media reclamation system (air wash or cyclonic), blast suit and respirator, and any special parts-handling equipment you need.


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Engineered Industrial Blast Facilities

Engineered Industrial Blast Facilities

Whether you need a recovery system for your existing room or a complete blast room or dry stripping facility big enough to handle cargo aircraft, Clemco can help you plan, budget, and erect a state-of-the-art blast facility, then train your employees to operate and maintain it. How much space do you need? Will you need more compressed air? When would you pick mechanical recovery instead of pneumatic? Our Industrial Facility Planning Guide shows the advantages and disadvantages of different components available for your blast room. It even includes a request for quotation worksheet to get a budget estimate.


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Aerolyte Dry Strip Rooms

AEROLYTE pioneered dry stripping, a process that removes coatings from delicate substrates by blasting with lightweight media like plastic, wheat starch, and baking soda.

AEROLYTE Systems has continuously evolved dry stripping technology and techniques. From portable pressure vessels to closed – circuit stripping heads to hangar sized facilities for stripping aircraft. AEROLYTE offers a broad range of standard and custom-engieneered equipment.

Dry stripping with lightweight media removes coatings without pitting or warping the underlaying surface. Dry stripping saves time and money, by eliminating the costs to purchase, handle and dispose of caustic chemicals.

Large Aerolyte facilities function similar to large blast room facilities with equipment configured for use with all non-aggressive lightweight blast media. Continuous ventilation, material handling equipment from rails to overhead lifts; large entry doors, and sealed lighting make Aerolyte Systems installations economically viable and environmentally safe.



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