Portable Suction Blast Tools

Power Gun H2O: Portable Suction Wetblast Tool

Lightweight and compact, wet or dry blast, easy to operate. The Power Gun H2O is the ideal wetblast option when a traditional wetblast machine would be too large, inconvenient to set up, or outside a job’s budget.

Whether you are a contractor, do-it-yourselfer, or full-time blast operator, you’ll appreciate the Power Gun H2O’s lightweight and compact design and that it has nearly the power of a small pressure-blast system, which makes it ideal for wetblasting:

  • In small or confined spaces.
  • In elevated work areas.
  • In difficult to reach places.
  • On board ships.
  • With a limited air supply.
  • In situations that require quick setup and breakdown.



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Suction Gun

Clemco Suction Gun

The Clemco suction Gun is a light duty suction type blast unit where limited air supply is available or desirable.  Inexpensive to purchase and operate, the gun is utilized for maintenance touch-up, removal of burrs and tool marks from machined parts, paint removal from fiberglass or soft materials such as aluminum.  Used with the recommended 30 mesh (or finer) slags or similar abrasives or 80 mesh (or finer) steel grits, the material supply to the nozzle is even and steady.  The squeeze-trigger start/stop provides positive operator control at the nozzle.

The Suction Gun is delivered complete with screened hopper, 5/16 inch tungsten carbide nozzle with 1/8 inch jet, 10 ft. 1/2 inch I.D coupled air line.


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Power Gun: Portable Suction Abrasive Blaster

Power Gun

The Clemco Power Gun is a suction blast tool designed for dry abrasive blasting where the air supply is limited or the job is small. The tool is lightweight and compact and ideal where setting up a conventional pressure blast machine would be awkward or inconvenient. The Power Gun can be used with all common media to clean or etch metal, clean masonry, etch glass, and other durable surfaces.

The optional heavy-duty plastic hopper holds and ample supply of media. The amount of media loaded will be dictated by the application and the location of the blast job.

Description of Operation
The tool simply connects to compressed-air and abrasive sources. The unique suction lance installed on the abrasive hose is partially submerged into a bag of media. Blasting begins when the operator depresses a lever on the gun. The tool operates on the principle of induction, where vacuum is created by the compressed air rushing past the point where the abrasive hose attaches to the gun. The vacuum draws abrasive through the hose into the gun, where it mixes with compressed air. The air-abrasive mix exits the gun and strikes the surface to be blasted.


  • Lightweight, portable, easily transportable tool
  • Can be used with any media container or right out of the bag.
  • Simple setup—partially submerge suction lance into bag of abrasive
  • Easy to use and maintain

Popular applications

  • Touch-up work or re-blasting areas that may have failed inspection
  • Onboard ship
  • On a scaffold or other elevated or difficult to reach location
  • Small jobs



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