Recovery Systems

Screw Conveyor Recovery Systems

Designed primarily for use with steel grit and shot, our screw conveyor recovery module with bucket elevator can continuously reclaim up to 180 cubic feet of media per hour.

Available in standard lengths of 8, 12, 20 ft., and up to 50 feet by special order, screw systems feature rigid helicoid 6-inch by 1/4-inch thick flights. Built-in metering plates eliminate concerns of overloading – even with a frontloader filled with steel grit.

Because they are used most often with steel grit and shot, most screw recovery modules are mounted in a pit so the heavy media can be pushed into them with skidloaders or other methods.


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2 ft x 2 ft and 3 ft x 3 ft: Hopper Recovery Systems

The hopper and bucket elevator recovery systems process up to 180 cubic feet per hour of dense and coarse media, such as steel grit and shot. With the 3 ft x 3 ft hopper system, flush mounting requires a pit just 4 1/2 feet deep. Where a high water table prevents excavation, the smaller 2 ft x 2 ft system can be wall-mounted and shovel fed.

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M-Section Recovery Systems

M-Section Recovery Systems

Our standard sweep-in M-Section® pneumatic recovery systems efficiently recover and recycle most medium and low-density blast media, such as glass bead, plastic, and aluminum oxide.  The recovery section can be placed in a shallow channel, just 10 inches deep, for a true sweep-in operation, or surface mounted where conditions will not allow excavation.


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Flat-Trak Recovery Systems

Flat-Trak Low Profile Recovery Systems

The revolutionary Flat-Trak® Recovery Floor is a quite, low profile, full-area recovery system.

Simplicity in design and operation
Rugged steel vanes, suspended within a pneumatically powered frame, push the media forward. The pneumatic drive cylinder delivers up to 440 pounds of force to easily push the heaviest steel abrasives. As the frame moves back, the vanes ride up over the back into position for the forward push.

The cross drive module, operating on the same level as the floor modules, carries the media to the bucket elevator.

Adjustable electro-pneumatic cycle timers allow complete control of feed rates for all floor modules and cross drive modules.

by adjusting the feed rates, the Flat-Trak® floor can keep pace with two full-time blast operators using 3/8-inch nozzles, at 100 psi.

Proven economy that’s readily available
The durable Flat-Trak® floor costs less to purchase, install, operate and maintain than comparably sized screw conveyor and inertial pan floors, yet it easily handles all mesh sizes of steel grit.




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Belt Conveyor Recovery Systems

Belt Conveyor Recovery Systems

An abrasive blast facility reduces blasting costs and environmental contamination by bringing blasting indoors, making possible the use of recyclable abrasives. To make the most of recyclable abrasive, an efficient abrasive recovery system automates the media recovery and cleaning processes.

The Clemco Belt Conveyor Recovery System combines simple, reliable, technology with high quality components for a system that is rugged, durable, and economical. The Clemco BCR system is built in custom lengths to suit existing or new blast rooms. It is engineered to suit rooms of all sizes.

A standard complete system comprises recovery hoppers, floor grating, a drum motor for each belt run, a bucket elevator, and an air-wash abrasive cleaner.

Engineered to be Simple
The Clemco BCR system features multiple floor collection hoppers installed in a trench in the blast room floor. Partial-area systems can be configured in a single run, in H-, L-, or U-patterns or whatever layout suits the application. Floor gratings, flush with the blast room floor, cover the hoppers. Abrasive falls through the grating, into the hoppers, through a metering tube, falling on the 12-inch wide belt below. The distance between the hopper metering tube and the conveyor belt is set for the optimal media flow-rate which prevents belt overload.

Engineered to be Reliable
A 2-HP drum motor drives each belt, conveying material to the bucket elevator for transfer to the abrasive cleaner. Angled rollers beneath the belt form a V-shape support to contain the abrasive on the belt. Abrasive drops off the belt into the bucket elevator hopper. Sturdy buckets raise the abrasive to the air-wash cleaner, where the abrasive is separated from dust and debris. Debris falls into a waste container, dust is drawn into the dust collector, and reusable, clean abrasive falls into a hopper atop the blast machine.

Engineered to be Durable
Collection hoppers are constructed of rugged 10-gauge steel making them ideal for wear resistance and long life. For each run of hoppers, a heavy-duty, multi-ply, endless belt is powered by an electric drum motor. The belt is fabricated to resist wear. The durable bucket elevator assembly has a reinforced PVC belt and tough but lightweight polyethylene buckets.



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