Zero Tumble Cabinets

Tumble Belt Cabinets

Built for customers who need efficient, reliable, high-production blasting. Zero offers super-duty tumble belt cabinets for high production suction and pressure blasting on heavy parts and large batches up to 800 pounds. Available in capacities of 2.5, 3.5 and 7 cuft.






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4-Gallon Tumble-Basket Blast Cabinet

Complete, High-Production Cabinet System with a Compact Footprint

Blast batches of parts up to 35 lbs with this suction cabinet that provides consistent parts coverage, easily switches between different media, and is far more efficient than manual blasting.

The cabinet’s detached 300 CFM power module with a pull-thru reclaimer and a reverse-pulse dust collector, combined with the cabinet’s compact footprint, allow for versatile configurations in tight work areas. In addition, the machine’s front-facing basket opening creates a cascading, as opposed to an up-down, tumbling movement of parts, which reduces part-on-part impingement.

The cabinet is constructed from 14ga steel and offers numerous other features that make it a versatile, rugged, and efficient automated cabinet. Use it to finish batches of medical or additive-manufactured parts, deburr aerospace investment castings, surface prep firearms or general-industry hardware, or blast parts in many other industries. Whatever your blasting application, the ZERO® 4-Gallon Tumble-Basket Cabinet makes your life easier.


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Tumble Barrel Cabinets 162, 164, 166

Available in capacities of 1, 2, and 3 cubic feet, Zero tumble barrels handle part loads up to 300 pounds. Tumble barrel systems are perfect for automotive rebuilders and small parts manufacturers.


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DCM 161 Mini-Tumble Blast Cabinet

The small ZERO DCM 161 tumble basket blasts up to 25 pounds of parts. Load the parts, set the cycle timer, and come back to unload clean parts. The DCM 161 uses just 17 cfm of air @ 60 psi, making it ideal for automotive shops, jewelers, and dental labs.


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BNP 160 Tumble Basket Blast Cabinet

A production suction-type blast cleaning machine with a small footprint, The BNP-160 fits nicely in the work flow stream helping to eliminate unnecessary handling or worker movement. For small occasional batches or use up to 8 hours per day, the BNP-160 features a 2-gallon tumble basket for processing up to 25 pound loads. It has reclaimer for media cleaning and reverse-pulse collector, which pulses with every basket revolution. The unit is equipped with easy set-it and forget-it 60 minute timer. The BNP-160 is suitable for most common reusable media 60 mesh to 180 mesh that is specifically manufactured for dry blasting.



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